Downloading music from Spotify without DRM protection.

DRM, short for Digital Rights Management, is created to protect copyrights and restrict the use of digital media files. Take Spotify files as an example. Users cannot have full control of using Spotify. With DRM protection, Spotify only allows premium users to download and listen to songs offline.But its also protected only you can listen to songs via Spotify application.

Then is it possible to bypass DRM protection and download songs? Yes, it is! Also, you don’t need to buy Spotify subscriptions, But if you have it you can download music with high quality.

Okay lets do it!

I’m gonna use 3rd party application called TunesKit Music Converter.

It using a powerful method to record Spotify application music’s during runtime.This smart music app supports to convert your music songs in batch at up to 5× faster speed. In addition, the music conversion process is done automatically so that you don’t need to sit in front of the computer during the conversion. Note: This only works in 5x speed for Windows. The Mac version of TunesKit is limited to 1x speed on macOS 10.14 and above.

Download: Premium Key (100% off)

Akalanka Ekanayake
Dilakshan Akalanka Ekanayake, who is well-known as Akalanka Ekanayake is a popular and skilled music editor and programmer based in Sri Lanka. He is a musical artist, Cybersecurity researcher, Software engineer, and the Founder & CEO of Cyberscap. The passion that Akalanka has towards both music and tech has helped him to achieve a lot in both industries. Some of the most notable projects that he worked on include Crimes of the Future, Hacker(2019 ) and France(2021).

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